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How to be Rich

"There are people so poor that the only thing they have is money."
-- Unknown

So many people say that they want to be rich. Do they know what riches are or how to be rich? I am rich. I am not as wealthy as I would like to be, who is? But I am rich.

Being rich and becoming rich is not about money, it is about attitude and changing your life. You do not change your life by becoming rich you become rich by changing your life.

Share the Wealth

There is something that you should give serious consideration if you want to know how to be rich. Do you deserve it? What have you done to deserve it? One of the things that stops people from having money is a deep belief that they do not deserve anything. Perhaps you are thinking that you have worked hard all your life, so have a lot of other people. Working hard is a good thing and can help you financially but it will not make you rich.

Becoming rich is about sharing and caring. If you care about people they will care about you, when you share so will they. Some people think that rich people are greedy and self centered, I have found that the opposite is true. Nearly every rich person that I have met or heard about supported various charities or worked to help other people.

Alright so maybe the wealthy can afford to share their riches and you can not give your money away. That does not mean that you can not share, share a smile, share your love. Learn to really enjoy your life, that is really the way to be rich, then share that enjoyment. Share something that people find valuable and you will receive more. Smiles, love and a helping hand are very valuable and free to give, share the wealth.

Financial Sense

Who would you buy from, a cold cynic who had never helped anyone but themselves or someone who has shared something with you? If you were hiring somebody would you want a person who was happy and rich in sharing and life or one who was negative and miserable.

Giving is rewarding in every sense of the word. Companies that care about their customers and employees gain more loyal customers and willing workers, they survive much better. The same is true for individuals, when you care for people then you gain support in your life.

Do not try to fake this, people will know. Just give of yourself with no thought of reward, do it because it feels good and watch your life grow. This is truly how to be rich.

When you can experience the richness of life then the money richness is easier to obtain. Think rich, feel rich, be rich.

"A poor man is not the one without a cent. A poor man is the one without a dream."
-- Henry Ford

If you are still not sure how to be rich then read the very short page I am Rich. I wish you health, wealth and happiness.

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