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The Meaning of Success

Don't search for the meaning of life, make your life have meaning.
Ray Terris


Few people look at the real meaning of success.
You may see someone rich or famous and think they are successful, are they really?

All too often you will read about a star who has overdosed on drugs or is involved in a messy divorce. They will sometimes get themselves committed to a psychiatric or rehab facility. That does not sound like success to me.

One of the richest people I ever saw was also one of the most miserable.
He was so afraid of people trying to take advantage of him that he never let anyone close.
Even his family was totally alienated from him. He died alone. Did he know the meaning of success?

Where should you be Successful?

There are many areas in a persons life. Self, family, friends, work, community and so on.
Here are some areas you should consider. You may want to add more.

To be truly successful, each of these areas need to be properly balanced.
Obviously not all of these will have equal importance, set your priorities, just try not to ignore any of them.

Take a look at each of the blocks in the chart, then take a minute or two to see how you could improve on it. I am not talking major changes, just minor improvements. For example, smile at people or throw bread crumbs out for the birds. If you do this on a regular basis, maybe once a week, then your life will gradually expand.

Build Harmony in your Life

When someone concentrates on just one or two of these areas, then the others will fight back.
A workaholic will probably lose his family and friends, then become an alcoholic.

It is not always easy to keep everything in harmony. Sometimes you will need to pay a lot more attention to one area and leave the rest. For example you suffer a financial setback and the bill collectors are beating on your door. For a while all of your time and efforts go into making money.

Does this mean everything else has to suffer? NO. There are ways to lessen the impact on the other areas of your life.

Probably the best way is Communication. On other pages of this site you will find information on communication and other tools you can use to achieve success. Check the navigation tabs on the left of this page.

So, what is the meaning of success? Real success is winning in all areas of your life. It's almost like juggling, not an easy task but quite achievable. Picture each area of your life, see how they could all be in harmony, imagine how that would feel.

You Can Do It

Just keep trying and growing. Success is not a one shot deal, it takes persistence and continual attention. You  must expect barriers and resistance on the road to success, click on the fear of success link to find out where they come from. There are many wins along the way, you should have fun reaching your goals.

Continue reading through these pages to find the tools you need, some you will already know but get some new insights.

You will see that this page is titled the meaning of success, this is different than the definition of success. To view my definition of success go to the next page.

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